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The Basics

With years of experience as marketer, web developer, online strategy consultant and designer, I have discovered my passion for getting the right message in front of the right people. I have a drive to connect people to products & services through the variety of online platforms and brick-and-mortar locations.

I really enjoy what I do. Its my hobby as well as my profession. All things internet are my passion. What's yours?

Go ahead, send a message if you have a project you'd like to work with me on.


  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Copy & Content Creation and Editing
  • Technical Writing
  • Information Architecture
  • Ecommerce specialization: B2C & B2B experience
  • Articulate presentation and public speaking experience
  • AB and Multivariate Testing
  • User Testing
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Web Design & Development
  • User Experience Engineering
  • Client Management
  • Project Management
  • Team Management

CRO Manager

at Assurant

Time: April 2017 - Present - Location: Atlanta, GA

  • Work with VP, Digital Performance and collaborate with cross functional teams (creative, content, technology, business)
  • Incorporate business objectives about the entire brand and consumer experience
  • Enhance information architecture, team accomplishments, and competence by planning delivery of optimization solutions
  • Create and direct the creation of – journey maps, navigation flows, site maps, user stories, wireframes, concept diagrams and personas
  • Conduct market research and analysis on competitive and best in class digital and physical products / experiences and key industry trends
  • Write use cases outlining for internal marketing purposes and collaborate closely with all members of the team
  • Provide weekly executive summary of CRO work stream
  • Own documentation and tracking of all CRO action items and workflow
  • Continually improve UX/CRO process in collaboration with the business
  • Create conversion optimization strategies including managing external UX agencies and resources
  • Full ownership and accountability for successful execution of key client projects
  • Conduct internal planning meetings and lead the development of A/B & multivariate testing road maps that will lift conversion rates
  • Analyze results and identify successes, failures, and trends, and effectively communicate these findings to clients
  • Lead client progress meetings during which you will report results, make recommendations, and assist clients in understanding the chosen strategies and what available information was used to aid in strategic decisions
  • Troubleshoot and spot existing issues with optimization test set-ups and present results internally or externally through the production of high quality documentation
  • Evangelize internal clients on Conversion Optimization
  • Generated over $4 million in value in first year of optimization programs across multiple industries and lines of business.
  • 40,000% improvement in downloads and retention of key partnership app by optimizing the userflow process and presentation of app across all touchpoints.
  • Optimize process and presentation of primary white labels and co-branded website for multiple clients resulting in 80% increase in quotes received and 65% increase in policies purchased
  • Introduce and optimize marketing personalization for ecommerce programs
  • Create client KPIs and reporting solution for the CRO team to integrate with wider digital objectives and provide support for site audits
  • Develop indexation model for websites for prioritization of digital efforts and post-production support.

UX, Marketing & SEO Manager

at ACityDiscount / Peach Trader, Inc.

Time: Aug 2014 - April 2017 - Phone: 404-752-6715 - Location: Norcross, GA

  • Develop and implement SEO optimization efforts for ACityDiscount.com while creating and maintaining SEO strategy
  • Improve UX and structure for website. Provide ColdFusion, SQL, HTML & CSS support for website development.
  • Analyze and improve keyword and topical relevance for categories and content surrounding brand standards; includes optimizing landing pages for conversions, SERP visibility, and PPC campaigns.
  • Work with PPC Specialist to design & optimize landing pages for PPC campaigns.
  • Monitor website performance goals and work with IT to improve site performance.
  • Provide performance reports to direct supervisor with various metrics ranging from site speed to SERP performance.
  • Monitor and develop natural link profile while cleaning up older low quality or irrelevant links.
  • Develop topical plan for content and work with marketing team members and freelancers to complete writing & posting cycle for content marketing efforts.
  • Design print collateral
  • Create brand standards for ACityDiscount.
  • Establish product standards for large online catalog of ecommerce products.
  • Restructure & redesign content sections. Develop goals & KPIs for future expansion as well as comprehensive content strategy.
  • Assisting in the transfer of domain application protocol from http to https
  • Improving tracking efforts across the website by correcting conversion tracking
  • Establishing KPIs for each marketing channel
  • Establishing metrics for measuring SEO goals
  • Improving organic traffic against seasonal trend by 9%
  • Increasing conversion rate by 45%
  • Redesigning website search functionality to increase conversion
  • Increased communication between various marketing team members to create a cohesive marketing program
  • Redesign and refocus email marketing campaigns
  • Initiate abandoned cart remarketing.

Online Director

at Nature’s Innovation

Time: Nov 2011 - Aug 2014 - Phone: 770-904-2499 - Location: Buford, GA

  • Oversee Nature’s Innovation & subsidiaries full online portfolio – Includes Naturesinnovation.com, Naturasil.com,Naturasil.co.uk, Bed-Bugs.net, Cobrazol.com, Septicflow.com, BuyNaturally.com, BuyElimitag.com, NaturesPrivateLabel.com and more.
  • Developed user interface, general architecture and navigation systems for all websites.
  • SEO & SEM strategy and implementation across various platforms and brands.
  • Create &monitor creatives and content for websites and social media.
  • Successfully implemented 100s of projects for various brands – from major sales events to newsletters to product launches.
  • Responsible for online FDA and EPA compliance where required for each brand.
  • Conduct and analyze testing for optimization of websites and advertising.
  • Ecommerce & Affiliate Management.
  • Contribute to new business and product development.
  • Identify and implement repeat buying efforts for potential returning customers. Increased repeat customer sales 200%.
  • Plan & Implement extensive condition guide for customers on Naturasil.com, increasing revenue by 10% and traffic by 14% due to content being shared across the web.
  • Restructure PPC campaignsand goals for Adwords and BingAds. Efforts decreased spend by 55%, increased CTR (click through rate) by 183%, increased value per conversion by 32%, decreased cost per conversion by 3.07%.
  • Contribute to business goals and future development.
  • Lead contractors in support and specialized duties.
  • Work closely with President and CEO daily.
  • Contributed to Nature’s Innovation being included in the 2012 Inc. 5000 – Rank #1689 on National Inc. 5000 List


Time: March 2007 - Present - Locations: Multiple

  • Worked for many companies across the US, a couple projects in Canada, one in the UK, and one in Japan.
  • Companies worked for: Ziavino Entertainment LLC, Advanced Auto Glass, Exact Battery Co., Precision Estimating, PrebuiltML, Nature's Innovation (Hired - full time contract), Planet Possibility Inc., Anne Millers Restaurant, Rainbow Bookstores, The Dive Shack, Mold Force, The Alley Restaurant, and more.
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript frontend development. Backend development with various languages. Utilized multiple CMS, ecommerce platforms, and proprietary software suites.
  • Graphic creation, manipulation and optimization.
  • Review and analyze SEO for client sites.
  • Ecommerce specialization - B2B & B2C experience.
  • Create & monitor advertising campaigns via Adwords, BingAds, FBX (Facebook Exchange), Omniture, Doubleclick and more.
  • Launched more than 60 new ecommerce sites within a variety of verticals including clothing, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, construction, distribution, eye care and more.
  • Extensive experience with ASP.net, Big Commerce, Magento, Shopify, Wordpress and multiple other CMS & Shopping Cart systems.
  • Worked closely with CEOs, CTOs and company stakeholders to create and refine their vision for their companies

Recommendations from LinkedIn

by Sean McGill, Freelance Media Contect & Marketing Professional
Sarah is an extremely knowledgeable professional with a thirst for learning. She has a tireless work ethic, and constantly stays up to date in the ever evolving digital field. She is a team player, and a pleasure to work with.

by Jody Sachse, CVO at Campfire Media Consultants
Sarah is phenomenally gifted person in all things e-commerce, ad management, web, css, and graphic design. Her attention to detail is second to none. Sarah is the one I would goto if I wanted something done fast and done right.

Atlanta is Home!


Google Adwords Certification

The AdWords certification covers the fundamental aspects of online advertising and campaign management, using Google tools like AdWords, Analytics and DoubleClick.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

The Analytics Qualificaton demonstrations proficiency in use of Google Analytics.

Marketing Skills

  • Platforms: Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Omniture, Doubleclick, LeadImpact, 7search and more
  • Social Media Marketing: Facebook Ad Exchange & Twitter Ads
  • Contest Creation
  • Analysis & Strategy Development
  • Buyer Persona Development
  • Shopping Channel Management
  • Conversion & Ecommerce Optimization

Programming Skills

  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript
  • SQL / MySQL
  • PHP
  • Coldfusion / Lucene
  • C++
  • Visual Basic .NET
  • Python

Graphic Skills

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Video Creation & Editing
  • Graphic Design - Digital & Print